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The Brivio village lies on the banks of the Adda river, on the edge of the Brianza region, that for centuries was the border between the Serenissima Republic of Venice and the Dukedom of Milano.
(ill. View from the Castle, drowing of Elena, 1835)


Piazza Frigerio, Brivio - fom Vescogna 5,6 km   

Its existence know since 968, housing the counts of Lecco, the bishops of Bergamo, the milanese viscounts and finally in the 400's the Serenissima. With the industrial revolution, Cesare Cantù transformed one of its wings in a textile factory. The castle, with is square structure and lay-out , still dominates the landscape of the small town. It's still possible to see three corners of the castle as they were constructed with round towers and the part with a square tower.
In 1888, a small elliptical casket was found, dating end of the V century, made from silver sheets and embossed with the gold detail of the bulino technique. This was an object of great interest  being one of the first relics known from the Paleochristian world. Today it can be seen at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Via Leonardo da Vinci, Brivio - from Vescogna 5,6 km

From the main square, before arriving at the road Lungo Adda in the direction of Imbersago and Trezzo, there is a small Jewish Ghetto, tiny streets and road around a small square and Synagogue wich  reached by going under the archer at via Cesare Cantù.
Continuing towards the direction of the river, one passes by Carozzi textile building, an example of industrial architecture from the second half of the XIX century. The trail along the banks of the river runs for 3,5 kilometers to Leonardo's Ferry in a relaxing landscape with beautiful views of the river, small ponds that appear from time to time and the mountains in the background.
Travelling by bicycle up to Trezzo d'Adda (17 km), after about 7 kilometers one reaches the iron bridge of Paderno, built at the end of the XIX century and designed by Gustav Eiffel. Fllowing the rapids with locks of the Naviglio river until the power plants of Bertini from 1895 and Esterle from 1914, in a landscape that resembles those painted by Leonardo da Vinci.


Mondonico - LA VESCOGNA

Main Entrance

Main Entrance - LA VESCOGNA

FAI 2017 /2022

FAI 2017 /2022 - LA VESCOGNA

Leonardo in Vescogna

Leonardo in Vescogna - LA VESCOGNA

On the Treil of Leonardo da Vinci in Vescogna

Leonardo Gallery

Leonardo Gallery - LA VESCOGNA

Discover the largest permanent exhibition in the world dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci engineer and humanist.

Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition - LA VESCOGNA

The World of Leonardo da Vinci in Milan

Selected by

Selected by - LA VESCOGNA

Member of

Member of - LA VESCOGNA